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Company  Crest / Logo









       Well it all started back when I formed the company. What would I design or would I use our Family crest and bring our noble/aristocratic lineage into the company. After much thought I decided too mix one of our families crests into the logo design of the company. A little about the family we are a mix of German ( Bavarian Kingdom ), French on my maternal fathers side.  

       On my maternal mother's side we go back to the Royal houses of England ( Stuart line , Mary , Queen of England ) and the Dutch Royal family ( King Willem , Stad-holder king of England and Netherlands ). As for my paternial side we are from simple but strong , proud, Russian Herrtage ( Southern Russia )

       So, as for my designing a company logo-crest while using our family history, I decided to use the double headed eagle  of our Russian and Holy Roman Empire( Germanic )  with our German Coat of Arms of Weiskopf. Hence, the name of the company and any division of it.If you have any other questions as too our lineage. Don't ever hesitate to ask. 




                                                     Warmest Regards to all ,

                                                                          Aleksandra and all WiiDD Inc staff